Our Business

We provide our clients with select direct investment and real estate opportunities, our own in-house funds, across fixed income, equity, real estate and alternative investments. We also offer corporate advisory, wealth management and family office services.

WMG's advisory services bring decades of experience to diverse and often non-conventional corporate finance situations. We specialise in hard assets, and our primary focus is Real Estate, where we have a strong UK-based investment advisory team and in-house development expertise. This is also true of Natural Resources. We have experience managing assets and restructuring complex investments in the UK and Asia.

We also manage a number of funds across Credit, Equity and Alternatives. In Asia, we have undertaken a large re-structuring role of a China-focused real estate development fund on behalf of our investors, and now manage the fund.

WMG Advisors LLP is authorised and regulated in the United Kingdom by the UK Financial Conduct Authority