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Real Estate

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WMG Real Estate provides our clients with a platform for investing in property in the UK and internationally

As a private investment office, we originate investment strategies on behalf of our clients and sit side-by-side as principals from strategy creation and origination, through to execution and asset management. We are entrepreneurial and often begin with a blank sheet of paper and seek opportunities that aim to be ahead of the market cycle and deliver true value creation. We often work in partnership, and like to establish companies and joint-ventures with sector experts across residential, retail, industrial and hotels.

We have a number of international partnerships and always work with strong local partners who know their markets.

On the advisory side, WMG works with a number of top tier international property companies in an advisory capacity, offering strategic advice on large-scale development projects and high-profile public bids.

Our Approach to Value Creation

As a Group we work to promote best practises and work according to certain guiding principles.

We aim to deliver value by:

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    Understand the Economic Cycle
    At all times we strive to know where we are in the real estate cycle
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    Thematic Drivers
    We like to invest into a macro trend and back thematic strategies
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    Partnership Approach
    Working with best in class property managers in a collaborative manner
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    Establishing long-term investment platforms and recycle capital for growth
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    Not shying away from value-add and hands on asset management


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