Real Estate

WMG Real Estate provides our clients with a platform for investing into property in the UK and internationally.
We are often co-investors and will sit side-by-side with our clients to align our interests as stakeholders.


Our core real estate strategy is to identify, acquire and asset-manage suitable real estate investment opportunities that provide a mixture of capital protection and value creation for our co-investors.

We develop investment strategies with our clients and sit side-by-side as principals from strategy creation and origination through to execution, asset management and exit.

We combine our experience, reputation and investor network with our sourcing and execution platform to create opportunities for our international clients:

    • to access the UK real estate market with a trusted and experienced co-investor partner,
    • to benefit from our access to off-market investment opportunities,
    • to create real estate investment portfolios that are consistent with each investor’s risk/return criteria and objective.


    WMG co-invests with clients in residential, commercial developments and investments with a focus on the United Kingdom.


    Sourcing, executing and managing real estate investments and development projects in accordance with client objectives.


    Leveraging the team’s experience, WMG supports clients globally with strategic, investment and property management advisory services.


    WMG is an experienced and regulated fund manager that brings together its fund and real estate experience to existing and prospective co-investors.


WMG has a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of the UK real estate market and we originate and manage all aspects of a transaction including:

    • Property sourcing and acquisition negotiation
    • Market research and risk management
    • Acquisition due diligence
    • Arranging debt finance (senior, mezzanine & Sharia compliant)
    • Establishing optimum corporate/tax structure
    • Asset management and value creation initiative
    • Development management and project oversight
    • Appointment of professional teams
    • Delivery of sales and exit strategy

Our Experience

Our business has brought together a group of highly experienced professionals, from real estate and finance backgrounds, which enables us to provide an innovative and entrepreneurial partnership.

The WMG team have experience in most asset classes of real estate, including:

    • Commercial Office
    • Residential Developments
    • Commercial and Industrial Development
    • Hotels
    • Student Accommodation & HMO's
    • Care Homes 
    • Logistics & Distribution
    • Automotive

We also support our clients with their global investment strategies, with direct investment and funding experience in a wide range of countries, including, for example, China where we spearheaded the restructuring of a major multi-asset real estate investment.

The breadth of our experience enables us to further support our clients with advisory services such as:

    • Portfolio restructuring
    • Debt refinancing and restructuring
    • Market research
    • Risk management
    • Identifying and delivering optimum and confidential exit strategies
    • Legal, commercial & technical due diligence support
    • Lettings & rent reviews

Investment Process and Strategy

As a group we work to promote best practises and work according to certain guiding principles.

We aim to deliver:

  • Value-Add

    Buying UK commercial and residential assets within the core London markets with active asset management potential. Underlying strategy involves buying short income and leases and creating value uplift though a combination of lease re-gearing, asset management and change of use

  • Income Focused

    Purchasing commercial and residential assets within the core London markets and selections in other UK cities with a Net Initial Yield (NIY) >4%. Asset will offer a mixture of secure income and value-add potential

  • Development

    Selectively identify residential and mix-used development opportunities within the Greater London region and other major cities. Target minimum IRR of 20%

  • Long Term Income

    Acquiring assets with >8 years of income, with tenants of good covenant. Typically defensive assets for capital protection but capable of leverage and accelerated returns

  • Acquisition of Land & Buildings

    Opportunistic acquisitions in distressed situations that offer a value-add opportunity and quick turnaround to deliver outsized returns. Target IRR’s over 20% with equity multiple of 2x within a maximum of three years

Track Record